Galena Century Radio

“Live in the teens; The Nineteen-Fourteens!”

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Galena Century Radio! Thank you everyone for your support!

Crystal Detector Basic AW – Kit


The Galena Century Radio (GCR) Crystal Detector Basic AW – Kit is a functional crystal detector for display or integration into your Crystal Radio operations. The Kit comes fully disassembled awaiting your preferences for fit and finish. The Galena Crystal Cup that comes with the kit can easily be removed and swapped out for use with any of the other Galena Century Radio crystal radio or crystal detector kits. The GCR Crystal Detector Basic AW – Kit contains; the Crystal Detector Arm Structure – Kit, The Galena Crystal Cup – Kit, the Brass Binding Posts (Package of 2) – Kit, the GCR tag, Rubber Feet, Wire, and a shop milled American Walnut base. The American Walnut base measures 5/8” x 3 1/4″ x 6 3/8”.

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