Galena Century Radio

“Live in the teens; The Nineteen-Fourteens!”

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Galena Century Radio! Thank you everyone for your support!

Rotary Switch 2 x 10 Contact Point GCR – Kit


The Galena Century Radio (GCR) Rotary Switch 2 x 10 Hex or Round Contact Point – Kit is the same unit designed for the GCR J-Walker Loose Coupler Crystal Radio. The base measures 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ x 4 3/4″ and comes with the Galena Century Radio marking. The base has been milled for easy assembly. This kit can serve as an integral part of a crystal radio of your own design. The Kit contains; one (1) Control Panel 2 x 10 Point – Base, two (2) Packages of Brass Contact Points – Hex or Round (Package of 10); two (2) Packages of Brass Stops (Package of 2), and two (2) Rotary Switch Center Assembly – Kits.