Galena Century Radio

“Live in the teens; The Nineteen-Fourteens!”

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Galena Century Radio! Thank you everyone for your support!

A-Runner Loose Coupler Crystal Radio


The Galena Century Radio (GCR) A-Runner is a fully functional Loose Coupler Radio. The radio has three 10 Point Rotary Switches that connect to 20 Taps on the Primary Coil and 10 Taps on the Secondary Coil. The Secondary Coil slides on Brass Rails for full motion in relation to the Primary Coil. Brass Binding Posts are used as the contact points for the Phones, Aerial, Earth, and Germanium Diode. A specially designed Brass Crystal Detector provides a reliable and attractive contact point between the Cat’s Whisker and Galena Crystal. The A-Runner comes fully assembled and requires only the connection of an antenna and a ground to begin operation. The A-Runner has an American Walnut Support Structure and measures 13 1/2″W x 7″D x 10 3/4″H.

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